Introducing SMART-LAB UK

Chemical water drops close-up

   A new brand of quality healthcare consumables   

Change is on the horizon. Pulling from over 20 years of industry experience, a SMART brand is born, delivering a new brand of quality healthcare consumables to the market. Smart-Lab UK is a global company, whose HQ is based in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, perfectly positioned to engage with a broad range of customers and industries. Smart-Lab has a vision, a mission, and a responsibility.

The Vision

Smart-Lab UK aims to be a highly recognised and regarded brand of consumable healthcare products. Our vision is to be a leading supplier of products with an outstanding reputation for responsive customer service.

The Mission

Smart-Lab UK is dedicated to delivering high quality products and first-class service within the healthcare sector. In order to do this, we provide an interactive e-commerce platform that enables the purchasing process to be informative and easy.

The Responsibility

With great power comes great responsibility or so it goes. In these rapidly changing times, such responsibility has never been greater, which is why we are dedicated to delivery quality products and great service to our customers.

The Products

We are dedicated to providing high, quality products across a multitude of industries. We offer a wide variety of products including Infection Control, Personal Protective Equipment, Sample Pots & Tubes, Biological Sample Packaging, Temperature Controlled Packaging and Chemical Liquids. For further information regarding any of our product contact a member of our team.