Covid-19 Safety – Veterinary Practices

A male vet with a face mask and hair net on washes his hands and forearms thoroughly.

Covid-19 has impacted all industries seeing many businesses closing down during lockdown to help limit the spread of the virus. Whilst many Veterinary practices have remained open throughout Covid-19, services have been reduced with many non-essential procedures being cancelled. The recent lift in lockdown restrictions offers the opportunity for business to begin to get back to normal however it is now more important than ever to maintain a high level of cleanliness in the workplace and follow government guidelines moving forward.

Keeping Your Practice Safe

 For those returning to the workplace the UK Government has established guidelines to ensure their health and safety. Social distancing is still recommended, ensuring workers are kept at a two-metre distance from each other when possible. This extends to break times and arrival, as well as, any other situation where co-workers would be in close contact. As we are aware it is not always possible or in the best interest of the animal for veterinary staff to maintain a two-metre distance therefore the use of PPE is imperative. PPE that would generally be used in your practice should remain in use to ensure the health and safety of everyone with the addition of wearing face masks and gloves whilst at work. Maintaining good hygiene is also crucial with regular hand washing as well as the use of hand sanitisers in between washes. Frequent sanitation of all equipment, surfaces and door handles should also be implemented to reduce contamination risk. Face to face consults should be kept to a minimum where possible and, moving forward, precautionary measures should remain in place as this number increases.

The implementation of PPE as well as hygiene products such as hand scrubs and surface disinfectants are crucial to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the workplace and anyone receiving products or services as we resume our work.

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