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2 scientists reflecting good use of personal protective equipment keeping themselves and others safe from coronavirus

Those in the healthcare sector are amongst the key workers who have continued their services throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and Smart-Lab would like to thank our NHS and healthcare workers for all their hard work throughout.

Protecting Our Frontline Workers

Providing a safe working environment for our key workers during this time is integral to ensure we protect our frontline workers. The healthcare sector faces unique challenges as they work directly with those who are most at risk or suffering from Covid-19. In order to provide a safe environment and treat patients effectively, social distancing can often become difficult in a healthcare setting therefore hygiene and the use of PPE become paramount.

The guidelines emphasise the importance of regular hand washing and between washes using a hand sanitiser with a 60% or higher alcohol concentration. Smart-Lab Hand Sanitiser contains a minimum of 70% alcohol making it effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses. All door handles, light switches, surfaces and equipment should be frequently disinfected.

For those working directly with Covid-19 patients PPE such as gloves and fluid resistant surgical masks are key to prevent the spread of the disease and protect the staff. Masks and gloves are also recommended for those working in any healthcare setting such as care homes, dentists and mental health facilities. It is important that PPE is regularly changed and not reused in between patients or worn outside of the workplace. For the latest guidelines on using PPE within the U.K workplace to minimise the threat of Covid-19, please refer to UK GOV website.

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