Covid-19 Safety – Agriculture

A tractor plowing fields with birds scattering behind it

Keeping Your Workforce Safe

Lock down restrictions are starting to ease, and many industries are now returning to work. Some however, have been continuing their services through these difficult times. The continuation of services within the agricultural industry are essential for food production.

The CDC, in accordance with the UK Government, establishes simple guidelines for the meat processing and food industry. This industry has specific hurdles as it is not always possible or safe to follow strict social distancing between workers or control the length of time spent in these close proximities. Social Distancing is a large part of keeping workers and customers safe, the government has recommend keeping workers two metres apart where appropriate and installing impermeable barriers between them if possible. This extends to break times and discourages carpooling to work. Sanitisation is also key, emphasising the importance of regular hand washing using an antimicrobial soap and the use of hand sanitisers with a 60% or higher alcohol concentration in between washes. All tools and work surfaces, as well as, any commonly touched areas must be disinfected frequently again using a broad-spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant.

The implementation of PPE such as nitrile gloves and face masks, as well as hygiene products are crucial to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the workplace as well as the consumers of the products they are producing.

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