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A female client having her hair washed with shampoo

Keeping Your Clients Safe

The green light has been given by the UK Government for hairdressers and salons to reopen 4th July! Which is great news for all of us who need to rectify their lockdown home haircuts.

However, hairdressers and salon staff work directly with clients meaning strict precautions and infection control routines need implementing. Social distancing measures, such as distance between workers, non-face to face contact with clients or the use of barriers where possible are also recommended.

Sanitation is paramount, of both equipment and your hands as you must ensure a disinfection routine between each client. Regular hand washing along with the use of hand sanitisers with a 60% or higher alcohol concentration between washes is advised. All equipment, work surfaces, as well as commonly touched areas must be disinfected frequently. Visit the Smart-Lab shop to view our Infection Control range which includes, Antiviral Disinfectant, Alcohol Hand Sanitiser, Surgical Hand Scrub and Salon Biocide.

The implementation of PPE such as face masks, gloves and aprons will also assist with keeping staff safe especially due to social distancing not always being possible. Visit the Smart-Lab shop to view our range of PPE including KN95 and Type IIR Facemasks and Nitrile Gloves.

For further information on any of our products visit our Cosmetics and Tattoo range or contact us.

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