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A male lab technician adds a drop of liquid to a test tube

Maintaining Testing Standards

Global laboratory testing will continue to play a large part in the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic. Through testing and analysis of expected Coronavirus samples, local governments can better understand the spread of the virus putting in place precautionary measures to reduce spread if necessary.

How Smart-Lab supports laboratory customers:

  • Offering high-quality, compliant packaging solutions
  • Stocking a range of infection control
  • Supplying PPE products

Key benefits of Smart-Lab’s packaging solutions:

  • All packaging is delivered with pre-printed markings
  • All packaging complies with IATA and ADR transport regulations
  • All packaging indicates the presence of UN3373 Category B infectious substances

What does ‘UN3373 Category B’ mean?

  • IATA Dangerous good regulations (IATA DGR’s) classify infectious into either Category A Infectious Substances or Biological Substance Category B substances.
  • Category B substances are defined in IATA DGR’s as an infectious substance which does not meet the criteria for Category A.
  • Infectious substances in Category B must be assigned to UN3373. Samples sent as part of the Coronavirus testing effort should be categorised as a category B UN3373 infectious substance.

Smart-Lab’s compliant sample transport packaging includes:

As laboratories around the world continue to operate at maximum capacity ensuring the safety of staff is critical.
Our key tips for keeping safe at work include:

For more information regarding sample compliance please contact a member of our customer service team or head to the online shop now to make your laboratory safe and efficient the easy way with products delivered the next working day!*

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