Covid-19 safety – Keeping your business open

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UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has announced new lockdown measures which will be put into place from Thursday 5th November until at least the Wednesday 2nd December.

All retail and non-essential businesses and services are to close once more for the period. But what should you be doing if you own or work in a company providing essential products or services?

Here are Smart-Lab’s key tips for keeping your working environment safe and hygienic during lockdown:

  • Make sure that you only have essential workers in offices; if they can do their job from home, they should be working from home
  • Keep all colleagues at least 2 meters apart when in the office
  • ‘Sneeze screens’ are recommended between facing desks
  • All colleagues should be expected to wear face masks or shields when not sat at their desks, or when another colleague is visiting their desk
  • Colleagues working in high-traffic areas of the office i.e. next to a door should be moved to a safer location or wear a face mask even when seated at their desk
  • All colleagues should sanitise their hands when entering and exiting the building, along with washing their hands regularly throughout the day
  • If handling or assembling products that will be delivered to external customers, workers should wear protective gloves to prevent spreading germs further

For further guidance on what you and your colleagues should be doing during lockdown 2.0, go on the government website.

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