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Covid-19 safety – Keeping your business open

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How can you keep your business open and your colleagues safe during lockdown 2.0?

Biological sample collection & preservation tips

2 men using the Vet-Cool product to collect and easily transport blood samples from sheep.

The importance of how samples are preserved prior to arriving at the laboratory is often underestimated. It is of paramount importance to preserve samples properly, otherwise they can break down and you’ll be forced to go back out and re-collect them – a waste of your time. Key tips for tissue samples: Keep the tissue […]

Covid-19 Safety – Health & Beauty

A female client having her hair washed with shampoo

Keeping Your Clients Safe The green light has been given by the UK Government for hairdressers and salons to reopen 4th July! Which is great news for all of us who need to rectify their lockdown home haircuts. However, hairdressers and salon staff work directly with clients meaning strict precautions and infection control routines need […]

Covid-19 Safety – Agriculture

A tractor plowing fields with birds scattering behind it

Keeping Your Workforce Safe Lock down restrictions are starting to ease, and many industries are now returning to work. Some however, have been continuing their services through these difficult times. The continuation of services within the agricultural industry are essential for food production. The CDC, in accordance with the UK Government, establishes simple guidelines for […]

Covid-19 Safety – Healthcare Professionals

2 scientists reflecting good use of personal protective equipment keeping themselves and others safe from coronavirus

Those in the healthcare sector are amongst the key workers who have continued their services throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and Smart-Lab would like to thank our NHS and healthcare workers for all their hard work throughout. Protecting Our Frontline Workers Providing a safe working environment for our key workers during this time is integral to […]

Covid-19 Safety – Veterinary Practices

A male vet with a face mask and hair net on washes his hands and forearms thoroughly.

Covid-19 has impacted all industries seeing many businesses closing down during lockdown to help limit the spread of the virus. Whilst many Veterinary practices have remained open throughout Covid-19, services have been reduced with many non-essential procedures being cancelled. The recent lift in lockdown restrictions offers the opportunity for business to begin to get back […]

Introducing SMART-LAB UK

Chemical water drops close-up

   A new brand of quality healthcare consumables    Change is on the horizon. Pulling from over 20 years of industry experience, a SMART brand is born, delivering a new brand of quality healthcare consumables to the market. Smart-Lab UK is a global company, whose HQ is based in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire […]