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Agriculture is an industry in which we all rely. The health and safety of the workers and livestock is paramount for farms and companies to operate efficiently. Smart-Lab offer a range of Infection Control, Biological Sample Packaging and Chemicals which support the day to day needs of the business. 

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Biological Sample Packaging

Routine herd testing on a large scale can come with its own difficulties. Keeping track of which sample has come from which animal can be complex and requires the tester/farmer writing ear tag numbers onto blood tubes which can then become smudged or damaged. Storing of multiple vials of blood in a field or shed setting can be difficult due to lack of facilities to place samples down and are often put in a pocket or put down in an area that livestock may be able to damage them. The Vet Field Kit offers a solution to both these issues. The sequential dual barcoded labels on each blood tubes allows for removal of the spare label to be placed on a document next to the ear tag number. Removing any risk of pen smudges or pen mistakes. This function also provides full traceability of the sample. The Vet Field Kit is a polystyrene tray which has space for up to x50 blood tubes to be stored and a cardboard outer making it ready to post to the lab once samples have been taken.  For more information regarding our Biological Sample Packaging solutions click the link below.

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Various chemical products are used in the agricultural industry for animal health purposes. These can be added to feed as supplements to support health and prevent disease or they can be applied as disinfectants or topical treatments for wounds. Smart-Lab offers a variety of products which can be used for these purposes, Iodine and Surgical Spirit are common topical applications for drying navels of new-borns. Shop our chemical range now.

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