Hygiene is Key

A sterile environment in the tattoo parlour is paramount to prevent cross contamination between customers. Smart-Lab offers a range of instrument disinfectants, alcohol sanitisers and hand scrubs which can be used to clean equipment and prepare skin before piercing or tattooing.

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Infection Control

The cleanliness of equipment and surroundings in a tattoo studio is essential to prevent infection and cross contamination between clients. Equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each use.
Pro-Cleanse Instrument Disinfectant can be used to clean piercing needles, tattoo guns and surfaces. Pro-Cleanse is a broad-spectrum biocide with efficacy against bacteria and fungi. It is suitable to be used to clean metals, plastics, glass and rubber without causing abrasions or tainting of colour.
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De-Ionised water is an integral ingredient in any cosmetic whether you are producing hand sanitiser, moisturiser or make up.
Smart-Lab H2O is produced using a reverse osmosis process removing impurities and mineral ions making it clean and safe. Smart-Lab also offer a selection of chemicals that can be used in the production of cosmetic and hygiene products or used to maintain a clean and sterile environment.
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