Protecting Patients and Staff

In hospitals and care facilities throughout the world patient and staff care is of critical importance. Smart Lab offers a range of certified PPE solutions to keep staff safe while working. Innovative infection control chemicals including surgical scrubs, spirits and hand sanitisers ensure care facility’s can maintain strict hygiene standards.

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A pair of blue nitrile examination gloves and a single white face mask on a light blue background.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Smart Lab stock a variety of PPE solutions designed to be worn by key workers such as nurses, doctors and care workers in the healthcare sector. Smart Lab certified KN95/FFP2 face masks offer a filter rate of 95% stopping particles over 0.3 microns in size passing through the mask and the type IIR medical face mask provides multi-layer protection to reduce potentials risks.  

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic supply is limited, and some lead times are increased. Please enquire now to discuss your PPE requirements.

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Infection Control

In the healthcare sector multiple measures are put in place to limit infection and cross contamination. Smart Lab offers multiple products that reduce the risk of infection including surgical grade scrubs and biocide disinfectants capable of killing a variety of bacteria and viruses. Smart Lab can supply products in small quantities directly to the point of need decreasing your distribution costs and stock holding requirements.

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A clear plastic bottle on a white background with pink liquid and a blue and white Smart-Lab branded label, describing the product as surgical hand scrub with handprints. Product similar to Hibiscrub.

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