Compliant Sample Transportation 

When transporting samples and specimens to labs for testing and analysis compliance is of critical importance. Smart lab provides a selection of complete compliant sample transport packaging solutions alongside a range of primaries and secondaries that can be purchased individually. Furthermore, Smart Lab’s range of infection control products maintain a safe and hygienic working environment for all lab employees.

A male lab technician adds a drop of liquid to a test tube
5 cardboard boxes at different angles with blue and white packaging describing the product as a Pathosheild designed for shipping UN3373 samples.

Sample Transport Packaging (STP) 

 When transporting samples and specimens for testing and analysis compliance is not optional.

Working with market leaders in sample transport packaging Smart Lab offers solutions that are;

  • UN3373 Category B Compliance
  • Fully complaint with ADR transport regulations
  • Cost effective maximising payload volume and reducing volumetric weight
  • Packaging solutions capable of transporting a wide range of primaries  
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Temperature Controlled Packaging (TCP)

Temperature controlled packaging (TCP) provides thermal protection for temperature sensitive payloads, specimens and samples. Multiple temperature ranges are available including protection and longevity when transporting payloads at 2-8°C, 15-25°C and frozen with dry ice.

Packaging solutions are supplied with all the required compliance labelling and packaging instructions detailing how to ensure optimum performance levels. Smart Lab supply passive temperature controlled packaging solutions that provide temperature control for up to 120 hours keeping your temperature sensitive payload safe and protected during transit.

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The PharmaTherm Range: A white cardboard box and 2 white ice packs on a white background

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