Supporting The U.K Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

Returning to the workplace as the global Coronavirus pandemic continues leads to a variety of challenges Smart lab can support by offering a portfolio of products that can make your offices, shop or business space safer. High grade infection control products and certified, effective PPE solutions are all available to purchase online and support the U.K and European safe return to workplace.

Please note demand for these products is currently very high. We try to be as accurate and open as possible with all lead times and disruption to deliveries but for answers to specific enquiries, please contact our customer services team using this link.

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Two boys and a girl on their phones wearing masks in school

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The U.K government have advised wearing a face mask inside enclosed indoor spacing whenever possible. The Smart Lab Type IIR medical masks are compliant with EN:14683 European standards and are designed to reduce infection rates by protect against infected droplets entering the respiratory system. Smart Lab also offers a range of disposable gloves and KN95/FFP2 Face Masks.

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Infection Control

Smart lab infection control products minimise the risk of picking up infections from surfaces and tools in the workplace. The range of infection control products suitable for personal and workplace use include;

  • Smart Lab Surgical Grade Hand Scrub
  • Hand Sanitiser Products
  • Forehead Temperature Thermometers
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Smart-Lab Hibiscrub. A bottle of pink chlorhexidine.

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