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Animals have become an important part of our lives whether it is the family dog, the equestrians four-legged teammate or a farmer’s flock of sheep we are reliant on animals for many reasons. As pet owners and animal care givers we rely on the veterinary industry to care for our animals when they need our help. Smart-Lab provides a comprehensive range of quality, veterinary consumables to ensure our pets are cared for using only the highest quality of products. Whether it is Infection Control, Sample Collection or Chemical products, Smart-Lab has got our pets covered.

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A male vet with a face mask and hair net on washes his hands and forearms thoroughly.

Infection Control

Hygiene is paramount is any medical setting in order to limit cross contamination and maintain a sterile environment. Smart-Lab offer a variety of Infection Control products which can be used to keep the practice, staff and patients safe. Smart-Lab Surgical Scrub is a 4% Chlorhexidine formulation with proven efficacy against bacteria and fungi. Due to the need for cleanliness within practice hand washing for veterinary staff happens multiple times per day which can often leave the hands feeling chapped and sore. Smart-Lab Surgical Scrub has an added emollient which moisturises the hands and protects the skin. Visit our Infection Control range to discover more.

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Biological Sample Packaging

Sending samples off to laboratories for testing is a daily occurrence for most vet practices but did you know there are regulations and guidelines in place regarding the packaging these samples are sent in? Inadequately packaged samples can pose a health and safety risk to anyone who may handle them, postal workers and vehicles, veterinary staff and premises and the laboratories and their workers. Blood samples and other biological samples should be transported in UN3373 ADR compliant packaging when being transported via road. Click below to view our Biological Sample Packaging range.

A female vet in a lab looking into a microscope with a small white dog on the table in the background

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