Iodine has long been used as highly effective topical disinfectant. It has proven efficacy against bacteria, fungi, and viruses which has cemented its role in preoperative sterilisation for both the surgeon and patient. Due to its highly effective drying and disinfectant abilities it is often used to treat and dry wounds and is a key product used on farms during lambing as a naval spray.

A clear bottle with black liquid in it and a Smart-Lab pink and white label describing the product as Iodine
A white plastic bottle on a plain background with an orange Smart-Lab label describing it as Propylene Glycol


Propylene Glycol is a very versatile material which is used in many different applications. From an animal medical treatment, thickening agent in food, water absorbent and emollient in cosmetics Propylene Glycol is found in a high percentage of products we use daily.



Liquid Paraffin has hydrating and cleansing properties making it a popular product in cosmetics and medicine. Liquid Paraffin has long been used as a laxative in both human and animal medicine, acting to create a greasy film around the obstruction in order to clear the intestinal tract. In cosmetics it is commonly found in hair and skincare products for re hydrating functions.

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A white plastic bottle on a white background with a blue, purple and white Smart-Lab branded label on it describing it as liquid paraffin
A white plastic bottle with a blue and white Smart-lab branded label on it stating that it is H2O Instrument Water


Smart-Lab H2O is a de-ionised water produced via reverse osmosis. This removes all the mineral ions such as iron, calcium, copper, chloride, etc. It does not contain any chemicals or harmful toxins making it clean and safe for a range of applications where the highest purity water is required.


Smart-Lab Isopropyl Alcohol

Smart-Lab Isopropyl Alcohol, also known as Isopropanol, is commonly used to create products for cosmetics, hygiene, pharmaceutical and medical industries, or for use in it’s raw form as a disinfectant.

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A white plastic bottle with a turquoise and white Smart-Lab label on it stating it is Smart-Lab Isopropyl Alcohol
A white plastic bottle with a silver and white label, stating it is Smart-Lab BP Surgical Spirit.

Smart-Lab BP Surgical Spirit

Smart-Lab BP Surgical Spirit is a premium, BP grade formula containing both analgesic and antiseptic properties, perfect for cleaning wounds and for use as a disinfectant.

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