Vacuette needles are used for routine blood collection. Smart-Lab offer 18g or 20g in 1 or 1.5 inch sizes.

These needles are ideal for collecting samples from humans and animals. The Vacuette needles are colour coded according to needle gauge size and single or multi use options are available.

A group of vacuette needles in plastic cases
4 different sized plastic sealed flattened bags with orange symbols and writing on describing them as Pathoseal.


The PathoSeal 95 range is designed and tested to withstand a pressure difference of 95 kPa to meet UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B regulations.

This range of flexible secondary packaging is ideal for the transportation of a variety of primary containers such as blood vials, swabs, blood collection bags and medical devices.

All PathoSeal products feature a simple closure system enabling ease of packing, plus the unique tamper evident seal ensures the integrity of samples. In addition the bags are sequentially numbered, providing a chain of custody and additional security. An external document pouch is also present for all sizes with the exception of PathoSeal 95 A6.

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