Vet-Cool provides “best in class” thermal protection for your drug or vaccine against the harshest of external temperatures up to point of administration, keeping your vaccines at between 2-8° for in excess of 65 hours, protecting your vaccines and your livestock. No need to worry about power supply, bottles are prepared overnight in a domestic freezer. Vaccinate all day, in the sun, knowing the last vaccine will be as effective as the first.

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A blue and white open bag/box with zip and ORCA branding and black interior packaging on a white background.
The PharmaTherm Range: A white cardboard box and 2 white ice packs on a white background


The PharmaTherm range of insulated shipping systems are designed to offer optimal thermal protection for pharmaceutical products. These shipping systems are pre-qualified to maintain payload integrity during shipments for up to 120+ hours. It is tested against demanding High-Performance ISTA 7D Dry Ice temperature and 2-8°C profiles. This test profile is designed to give users confidence that the quality and efficacy of their payloads will not be compromised during even the most demanding of global cold chain shipping lanes.

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